Event 20: $200 NLH – Bubble Burst!

$200 Buy-in No Limit Hold’em ($50K Guaranteed)
Blind Level 16: 2K/4K/ 500 ante
Total entries: 362
Places Paid: 36
Players left: 36
Average Stack: 101K (25bbs)

On Table 10 we find Charles Pakowitz (Hollywood, FL) all-in against Jordan Chizick (Fort Lauderdale, FL). The cards are turned face up:

Pakowitz Ah Kd
Chizick Kc 6c

The board is dealt Qc Qh 9d 2s 6h and Chizick catches the pair of sixes on the river to eliminate Pakowitz and burst the money bubble. The remaining 36 players in today’s Event 20 are officially in the money!