Event 20: $200 NLH – Hello, Ladies!

$200 Buy-in No Limit Hold’em ($50K Guaranteed)
Blind Level 15: 1500/3K/ 500 ante
Total entries: 362
Places Paid: 36
Players left: 41
Average Stack: 88K (29bbs)

Yigal Hen (Cooper City, FL) is all-in before the flop and is looked up by John “The Fly” Disante (East Norriton, PA).

Disante: 10s 10c
Hen: Qc Qd

The board comes 5c Js 9h 6s 9s and Hen’s pair of ladies holds up to double up his short stack through Disante. Hen is now sitting on about 74K (25bbs).