Event 20: Cards in the Air

$1,100 Deep Stack NLH Shootout (Freeze-Out)
90-Player Cap | Structure
Level 1:  100/100
Entries:  49

Jake Ferro

Action kicked off for the first Shootout we’ve run since 2016 and we have nearly 50 players in the freeze-out in early action. Registration will remain open until 4:15 pm after the first break so plenty of time to hit the 90-player cap.

Those in early action include Loni Hui, Jason Young, Natasha Mercier, Jessica Cai, Eric Piderit, Boris Kravets, and 2021 WPT RRPO Championship runner-up Jake Ferro. Young probably has the best Shootout result of anyone in the event at this point; he won the WSOP $1,500 Shootout in 2008 for his first bracelet.

Jason Young
Jessica Cai