Event 20: Cowboys Hold – And The Winner Is….

$100,000 Super High Roller Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
Level 12: 5K/10K/ 1K ante

Jake Schindler
Event 20: $100,000 Super High Roller Deep Stack NLH Champion – Jake Schindler

Heads up play lasts for over 2.5 hours, as neither player wants to relinquish their shot at becoming the SHRPO Super High Roller Champ. And the nice $570,375 that goes along with it, of course.

Jake Schindler limps his button.  Ryan Fee goes all-in one final time and Schindler snaps him off. Fee sees the bad news when the cards are tabled:

Fee: 8s9s
Schindler: KhKd

Fee gets a miracle flop when it comes 4c8d9d, giving him 2 pair right in the window. However the turn comes the Kc, giving the lead back to Schindler with a set of Kings. The river is the As and Schindler is our 2014 SHRPO $100K Buy-In Super High Roller Deep Stack Champion!!! He takes home $570,375 for his work here the past 2 days, and the beautiful SHRPO trophy. Fee takes home a consolation prize of $307,125 for his runner up finish today.

Ryan Fee
2nd Place – Ryan Fee