Event 20: Nathan Grow Wins the $150 No Limit Hold’em Title ($15,006)

2019 Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 20
$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$50,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  507
Prize Pool:  $60,840
January 20-22, 2019

Nathan Grow - Event 20 Champion
Nathan Grow – Event 20 Champion

When the final three players in the $150 No Limit Hold’em event agreed to chop the remaining prizepool on Tuesday night, it was Nathan Grow who had the lead with more than 72% of all the chips in play to win the title, the trophy, and $15,006.

Two days ago, Grow was chipleader in the Main Event from late on Day 1 to the Money Bubble. But then things turned south for Grow, and he wound up busting in 126th place for a disappointing $2,420.

Yesterday, Grow was the Day 1 chipleader once again, but he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice. Grow took several self-imposed breaks during play so he could leave the tournament area and regain his focus.

“I’ve got ADHD, and whenever I get restless I start wanting to play a million hands, so I just have to walk away so I don’t spew off.”

The strategy paid off for Grow in overcoming this field of 507 entries, as he held onto the chip lead for almost all of Day 2 before claiming the victory with an overwhelming chip lead three-handed.

The only bump in the road for Grow came at the final three tables.

“I lost about half of my stack to [runner-up][James][Scott], but then I got it back, and from there just steamrolled through. I just ran good, bluffed at the right times, and sucked out when I needed to.”

Before last week, Grow had only a single live tournament cash on his resume, a seventh-place finish back in 2011 that was worth $1,510. Today he won nearly 10x as much, and with his dominant performance today, it likely won’t be Grow’s last trophy.

Final Table Results:

1st:  Nathan Grow  –  $15,006 + LHPO Trophy
2nd:  James Scott  –  $10,090
3rd:  Rebecca Dellagloria  –  $7,458
4th:  Jose Nigaglioni  –  $4,411
5th:  Homero Molina  –  $3,255
6th:  Ignas Jasinevicius  –  $2,586
7th:  Paul Smerdon  –  $1,977
8th:  Marcelo Bellizzi  –  $1,430
9th:  Roman Fomin  –  $1,034
10th:  Paul Prager  –  $791