Event 21: Donald Lehn Eliminated in 13th ($2,196)

$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No-Limit Hold ‘Em (Re-Entry)
Level 15: Blinds 1200/2400/400 Ante

After a tough loss vs. Derrick Simon early in the level, Ian O’Hara has decided to become the Terminator. This time Donald Lehn is the victim. Lehn went over the top of O’Hara pre-flop but O’Hara made the call. O’Hara, holding sevens had the lead over Lehn’s fours. After a small sweat with a gutshot on the board. O’Hara landed safely and picked off Lehn and his bounty.

Lehn ends the day in 13th place with an extra $2,196 in his pocket.