Event 21 Flight A: Vincenzo Lombardi Doubles Up; His Opponent Knocked Out Two Hands Later

$600 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 16:  3,000/5,000 with a 5,000 ante
Flight A Players Remaining:  55 of 497

Vincenzo Lombardi
Vincenzo Lombardi

A player raised UTG+1 to 13,000, Vincenzo Lombardi moved all in from the big blind for 52,000, and his opponent called with a slightly larger stack and turned over Ah10h.

But Lombardi showed AcQd, and needed it to hold to stay alive.

The board came 6c4d3c7s6s, and Lombardi won the pot with his queen kicker to double up in chips. His opponent was left with just a single big blind — 5,000.

Vincenzo Lombardi  –  112,000  (22 bb)

Two hands later, that short-stacked player was in the big blind and forced all in for 5,000, which went in as the ante.

Craig Pollak raised from the cutoff to 10,000, and Jake Schwartz called from the small blind. So there was 5,000 in the main pot, and 20,000 in the side pot between Pollak and Schwartz.

Both players checked to the turn on a board of KhJc10cQs, Schwartz checked, Pollak bet 10,000, and Schwartz quickly called.

The river card was the 9c, Schwartz checked, Pollak bet 25,000, and Schwartz called. All three players turned over their cards.

Craig Pollak:  Ad4c  (ace-high straight)
Jake Schwartz:  Ah6s  (ace-high straight)
Big Blind:  Jd9d  (two pair, jacks and nines)

Pollak and Schwartz chopped the pot to eliminate the big blind in 56th place. (No more than 50 will advance from this flight to Day 2.)

Craig Pollak  –  400,000  (80 bb)
Jake Schwartz  –  200,000  (40 bb)

With 55 players remaining from a flight of 497, the average chip stack is around 181,000 (36 big blinds). Action will continue until the field is down to 50 players, and everyone who bags chips for Day 2 will finish in the money.