Event 21 Flight C: Ariel Williams Wins a Three-Way All-In to Knock Out a Player and Reach 160,000

$600 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 13:  1,500/2,500 with a 2,500 ante
Flight C Players Remaining:  130 of 594

Ariel Williams
Ariel Williams

The player in the big blind is all in preflop for about 15,000 against three other players, and any further betting will create a side pot.

The flop came Jh9h7s, and the UTG player moved all in for about 75,000. The player in the cutoff folded, and Ariel Williams called all in for 54,000.

These were their cards in descending order of chip counts:

UTG Player:  KdJd  (pair of jacks)
Ariel Williams:  8h4h  (heart flush draw with gutshot straight draw)
Big Blind:  As10c  (gutshot straight draw)

The turn card was the Ah, the river card was the 2s, and Williams turned a heart flush to win the pot, doubling thru the UTG player and eliminating the player in the big blind.

Ariel Williams  –  160,000  (64 bb)

With about 130 players remaining from a flight of 594, the average chip stack is around 91,500 (37 big blinds). The final 60 players will advance to Day 2, and players must bag chips to finish in the money.