Event 21 Recap

Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open
$250 No Limit Hold ‘Em (Re-entry)
$30,000 Guarantee

Total Entries: 170
Total Prize Pool: $35,300

Event 21 Champion David Levi
Event 21 Champion
David Levi


When David Levi and Paul McCaffrey hit heads-up and discussed a possible deal, McCaffrey was ahead but turned it down saying “I like battling!” But the decision to battle Levi cost him as one of top professionals in the game put on a poker clinic systematically taking McCaffrey’s stack and the Event 21 victory.

The early story of the final table was Levi making it along with Pasquale Caiazza who had an outstanding series and Allen Bieler who was attempting to win his second title in this Lucky Hearts Poker Open. Unfortunately for them, Bieler was quickly ousted in 10th and Caiazza ended up 6th leaving Levi to do the heavy lifting.

After the exit of Caiazza, Paul Beresford and Dolphus Powers quickly fell leaving McCaffrey in front with Levi trying to chase him down and Marcus holding on with a short stack. Levi then hit quad eights to eliminated Marcus and the heads-up battle was on.

Levi trailed but in one of the most masterful performances you’ll see heads-up, Levi slowly chipped away at McCaffrey’s stack taking small pots and eventually finished him off. After the biggest pot of the heads-up went Levi’s way after a bluff, the final hand was played out.

The chips all ended up in the middle after a TdJcQc flop. McCaffrey flipped over Kc4c for the flush and straight draw and Levi showed top two pair with QhJh. The board ran out 4h7d and Levi had claimed the victory after finishing 22nd in the Championship event yesterday. While the number is probably bigger, this was his 29th tournament victory per Hendon Mob.

After the win, Levi dicussed his strategy going into heads-up play.  “I had plenty of patience and I knew I just wanted to grind him.  I didn’t want to go with him and just slowly took chips.  He’s a gambler so you’ve got to play strong hands and bet weak hands.  I just let him lead and confused him.  I just played small ball and it was a question of time.”

Levi was reflective on the state of his game and his recent successes.  “I’ve been around and I’ve adjusted to the game lately.  I’m old school but I think I’ve got it where my game is supposed to be.  I believe that sometime soon I’m going to get pretty deep in one of these tournaments.  My game is completely focused.  It took me a while but I think I’m ready to do something good.”

David was also generous in his compliments toward the Seminole Hard Rock and their team.  “They’re running the tournaments great.  It’s a nice room and nice people.  I’m surprised.  It’s one of the best run tournaments I’ve been around and I really go almost everywhere.  I definitely will keep coming back to these tournaments.  I really enjoying being here and everyone’s really cool and everything goes very smoothly.”

Congratulations to our Event 21 Champion – David Levi!

Final Table Results:
1st – David Levi (Rockville Center, NY) – $11,066
2nd – Paul McCaffrey (Miami, FL) – $6,426
3rd – Gregory Marcus (Miami, FL) – $4,106
4th – Dolphus Powers (Weston, FL) – $2,892
5th – Paul Beresford (Littleton, CO) – $2,231
6th – Pasquale Caiazza (Davie, FL) – $1,696
7th – Yehuda Rubin (Staten Island, NY) – $1,321
8th – Chris Underwood (Mooresville, IN) – $982
9th – Joseph Brachfeld (Spring Valley, NY) – $696
10th – Allen Bieler (Sunrise, FL) – $553