Event 22: Barbara Sargent Triples Up

$1,100 Deep Stack Turbo (Re-Entry)
Level 10: 1,000/1,500 with a 1,500 ante | Structure
Total Entries: 93

Barbara Sargent

There was about 8,000 in the pot on a flop of 8h7c6s and Barbara Sargent moved all in for 18,500 out of the big blind. She was called by a player in middle position and the player in the hijack.

Middle position and hijack fail to create a side pot. They check the rest of the hand as the board was completed with the 2d and the 7d.

Sargent showed 7s5s, middle position showed Ah9s and the hijack tabled JsTs.

Barbara Sargent – 59,500