Event 22: Adem Arbuckle – 7th Place ($1,130)

$400 Limit 2-7 Triple Draw (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 20:  10,000/20,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  6 of 97

Adem Arbuckle
Adem Arbuckle

After the second draw, Adem Arbuckle got his stack of 24,000 in against Michael Dreese.

Both stood pat on the final draw and Arbuckle fanned 8x7x5x4x2x. Dreese, however, showed 8x7x5x3x2x to eliminate Arbuckle in seventh place.

Michael Dreese  –  140,000  (7 BB)
Adem Arbuckle  –  Eliminated in 7th Place  ($1,130)

With six players remaining from a field of 97, the average chip stack is around 243,000 (12 Big Bets). The remaining players are guaranteed at least $1,475 each.