Event 25: Donny Rubinstein Wins After Heads-Up Deal

$1,100 Limit Omaha 8 Championship (Freeze-Out)
Structure | Payouts
Level 27:  60,000/120,000 Limits

Donny Rubinstein

After a long grind and with the limits getting big, Donny Rubinstein and Jeter Brock decided to call it a day and chop it up. Rubinstein had a big lead and earned the SHRPO Limit Omaha 8 Championship along with $27,200.

Donny Rubinstein – 1,150,000
Jeter Brock – 585,888

1st: Donny Rubinstein – $27,220 + SHRPO Trophy
2nd: Jeter Brock – $16,455

Tournament report to follow.

Jeter Brock