Event 26: Sean Phillippi – 6th Place ($64,000)

$600 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Prize Pool:  $2,334,280 | Structure | Payouts
Level 33:  125,000/250,000 with a 250,000 ante
Players Remaining:  5 of 4,489

Sean Phillippi

Sean Phillippi was all in preflop for 3 million with Ac9s in the hole under the gun, but he ran into the AdJh held by Cuba Levenberry on the big blind.

The final board read 4c4d2s8d5h, and Phillippi was out in sixth place for $64,000 in prize money. Levenberry was close to 13 million after the hand.

Cuba Levenberry – 12,900,000 (51 bb)
Sean Phillippi – Eliminated in 6th Place ($64,000)