Event 26: Stuart Young – 7th Place ($49,500)

$600 Deep Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Prize Pool:  $2,334,280 | Structure | Payouts
Level 33:  125,000/250,000 with a 250,000 ante
Players Remaining:  6 of 4,489

Stuart Young

Stuart Young opened for 2,600,000 from the cutoff, leaving 150K behind, and Dale Roesel moved all in from the small blind. Cuba Levenberry folded his big and Young called.

Roesel: AdKh
Young: 9s9h

They were racing and Young needed his nines to hold to double up. Roesel took the lead when he paired his king on the Kd6s3h flop and Young could not come back on the Tc turn or Th river to go out in seventh place.

Dale Roesel – 22,500,000 (90 bb)
Stuart Young – Eliminated in 7th Place ($49,500)