Event 3: Adam Walter Wins Two in a Row! ($5,790); Adam Zeltser Finishes 2nd ($3,860)

$360 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 12,000/24,000 Limits
Players Remaining: 1 of 59

Adam Walter
Event 3 Champion Adam Walter also won Event 2 last night.

Adam Walter:  XxXx  4c4d
Adam Zeltser:  XxXx  7c5h

During the Stud round, Adam Walter was dealt a pair of fours on fourth street, against Adam Zeltser’s seven-five. With a pair showing, Walter was able to double the bet to 24,000 (and he did), and Zeltser called.

There was about 70K in the pot as the dealer gave them their fifth cards.

Adam Walter:  XxXx  4c4d3c
Adam Zeltser:  XxXx  7c5h8d

On fifth street, Walter again bet 24,000, and Zeltser called.

Adam Walter:  XxXx  4c4d3c10c
Adam Zeltser:  XxXx  7c5h8d2c

On sixth street, Walter picked up a third club to go with his pair, and Zeltser’s board wasn’t looking great, and he was getting dangerously low on chips. Walter checked, and Zeltser checked behind.

Adam Walter:  XxXx  4c4d3c10c  Xx
Adam Zeltser:  XxXx  7c5h8d2c  Xx

On seventh street, Walter bet 24,000, and Zeltser called. Walter turned over his hand to show that he rivered a seven-high straight:

Adam Walter:  6h5s  4c4d3c10c  7d

Zeltser mucked, leaving himself just 42,000 in chips.

Adam Walter  –  666,000  (28 BB)
Adam Zeltser  –  42,000  (2 BB)

The next hand (still Stud), Zeltser got it all in on third street, and these were their hands:

Adam Walter:  Ac8c  Jc[xxx][xxx][xxx]  Xx
Adam Zeltser:  Ah10s  10h[xxx][xxx][xxx]  Xx

Zeltser had split tens to Walter’s three clubs, and Zeltser needed to win this hand to stay alive. The dealer gave them the rest of their cards:

Adam Walter:  Ac8c  JcKh6c7c  Xx
Adam Zeltser:  Ah10s  10h2d3c3h  Xx

On sixth street, Walter made his club flush, and Zeltser hit a second pair to stay alive with outs to a full house.

Adam Walter:  Ac8c  JcKh6c7c  Ad
Adam Zeltser:  Ah10s  10h2d3c3h  2c

Unfortunately for Zeltser, seventh street gave him a worthless third pair (deuces), and Walter won the pot — and his second Lucky Hearts Poker Open trophy in two days — with an ace-high club flush.

Adam Zeltser
Runner-Up Adam Zeltser

1st:  Adam Walter  –  $5,790 + LHPO trophy
2nd:  Adam Zeltser  –  $3,860
3rd:  Phil Hui  –  $2,570
4th:  Dale Phillips  –  $1,785
5th:  Cory Zeidman  –  $1,295
6th:  James Gunter  –  $980
7th:  Michael Barry  –  $775
8th:  Michael Dreese  –  $645