Event 3: Any Four Cards

$200 + $40 Omaha Eight or Better

Blinds: 50/100 – Limits: 100/200

The early parts of a limit tournament lack drama but make up for it with interesting plays. Players are getting fancy with any combination of hands, low draws, and multi-way pots. Six players to the flop is the rule rather than the exception.

Table 37 saw the betting capped with five players seeing the flop. The big blind called with Th 8c 6d 4h followed by four of those players capping the flop betting. Everything slowed down on the turn and river with the big blind showing down top-two with his 64 good for the low and the scoop. Not the optimum Omaha/8 starting hand but he had an explanation for the table.

“I’ll play any four cards at this level,” he said, “the price was right.”

Level 3 is underway with 150/300 limits and 49 players showing on the clock. Only 45 minutes remain for late registration/re-entry.