Event 3: Dave Dambrosi – 7th Place ($1,890)

$600 Deep Stack Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 19:  6,000/12,000
Players Remaining:  6 of 80

Errol Massey raised to 30,000 from the cutoff, Dave Dambrosi three-bet the pot from the button, Massey four-bet, and Dambrosi called all in for about 110,000.

Massey:  AhKsKc6c3c
Dambrosi:  Ac10c6s5s2s

The board ran out QcQs3dJdAd, leaving Dambrosi drawing dead on the turn to end his tournament in seventh place.

Errol Massey  –  370,000  (31 bb)
Dave Dambrosi  –  Eliminated in 7th Place  ($1,890)