Event 3: Matt Axelrod Eliminated in 9th Place ($880)

$400 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 19:  10,000/20,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  8 of 88

Matt Axelrod
Matt Axelrod

The first hand of Level 19, the two short stacks got it all in against each other on third street in Stud. Phil Hui started the hand with 9K and held 8h7s5c, while Matt Axelrod started the hand with 22K and held a much stronger AcAs10s.

The dealer dealt out the rest of their cards, and these were their final hands. (The order of the cards may be off a bit.)

Matt Axelrod:  AcAs10s6d4dJsXx
Phil Hui:  8h7s5c8d3h5h7c

Hui finished the hand with two pair, eights and sevens, to double up against Axelrod’s pair of aces.

Phil Hui  –  31,000  (1.5 BB)
Matt Axelrod  –  15,000  (1 BB)

The next hand (still in a Stud round), Hui got it all in on third street against Matt Vinke. Vinke hit a pair of threes on sixth street, and that’s as good as his hand got. Hui caught a pair of jacks to win the pot and double up to 77K.

Phil Hui  –  77,000  (3 BB)

The next hand (still in a Stud round), Axelrod got it all in with (10h8h) Jh against Miami John Cernuto’s (As7s) 2c.

Miami John Cernuto:  (As7s) 2cQs4hJcAh
Matt Axelrod:  (10h8h) JhKdAd9cKh

Axelrod took the lead on fifth street with ace-king to Cernuto’s ace-queen, but seventh street gave both players a pair, with Cernuto’s aces beating Axelrod’s kings. Axelrod was eliminated in ninth place, earning $880.

Miami John Cernuto  –  93,000  (5 BB)
Matt Axelrod – Eliminated in 9th Place  ($880)