Event 3: Quick Bubble

$250 Deep Stack Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 24: 10k/20k/3k

The Turbo tournament is living up to its name. Just six hours after the start of play, the field of 193 was whittled down to 19 and the money bubble.

While tournament staff were preparing for hand-for-hand action, the bubble burst in two big hands.

The first table saw Walter Bravo all-in with 8c8h against two bigger stacks with AdKs and Ac7s. The drama didn’t last long with an Ace off the bat thanks to the Ah6s4c flop. Bravo was looking for a miracle Eight or running magic cards but none came on the 3s turn and Tc river. The tournament director told him to stick around because there was action pending on another table.

Brad McClure was behind with KhQd when he took his shot on the money bubble and also found two callers. He had two live cards against AhTc and Ac9c then missed the 7h6d3d flop. McClure still had hope but the 4h and 3h ended his day.

Bravo and McClure went out on the same hand to give them a small save, they will split the $608 for 18th spot.