Event 3 Recap

2015 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open
$250 Deep Stack Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

August 2, 2015

Total Entries:  221
Total Prize Pool:  $46,410

Event 3 Champion Raminder Singh
Event 3 Champion
Raminder Singh


This turbo lived up to its billing with fast-paced action, rapid-fire decisions and eliminations taking place in the blink of an eye.  And when the dust settled, Raminder Singh emerged as the Event 3 Champion.

With the tournament kicking off at noon, 25 levels had passed by 7:00 PM when we’d reached our final table.  And in a matter of fifteen minutes after that Bob Farmer was out in 10th, Dave Maddox was gone in 9th and Santana Noronha exited in 8th place.  Nemy Alegado had done most of the damage and was threatening to pull away from the pack.

But Raminder Singh had other ideas.  After being in danger of being knocked out himself, Singh began to chip back up.  He doubled up with tens and then hit kings to knock out David Felger in 7th.  The tens were good to him again as he claimed another victim taking out Joe Yselonia in 6th.

With the final table down to five players and everyone at twenty big blinds or less, the potential volatility was too much and the remaining players came to an agreement to end Event 3.  Raminder Singh held the chip edge over Nemy Alegado, Tim Frazin, Jon Ounjian and Philip Consolo giving him the title.

Singh reflected back on how he made it through such a wild tournament and his victory.  “It’s a turbo and ace-king vs. tens is never fun and tens is my nemesis hand.   I just stayed aggressive, three-betting at the right time and keeping an eye on the ball.  I wasn’t on the phone, I wasn’t talking to people.  I was just focusing on each and every player, their body language and how they were betting.  Three-betting in a turbo tournament means a lot of chips so that kept my chip count up.  This is my first championship at Hard Rock and looking forward to the big one.  Hopefully I’ll do well in that one.”

He also had very kinds words for the Seminole Hard Rock-Hollywood team.  “They’re all terrific.  This morning we were talking about how great and warm it is for poker here like in Las Vegas.  This has definitely exceeded my expectations and I know my colleagues and friends love coming here too.  Great job by the staff here and everyone else,”

Congratulations to our Event 3 Champion – Raminder Singh!

Final Table Results:
1st: Raminder Singh (Delray Beach, FL) – $6,716
2nd: Nemy Alegado (Rolling Meadows, IL) – $6,233
3rd: Tim Frazin (Dallas, TX) – $6,233
4th: Jon Ounjian (Boca Raton, FL) – $6,233
5th: Philip Consolo (Adventure, FL) – $6,002
6th: Joe Yselonia (Coral Springs, FL) – $2,321
7th: David Felger (Lantana, FL) – $1,856
8th: Santana Noronha (Davie, FL) – $1,392
9th: Dave Maddox (Boynton Beach, FL) – $928
10th: Bob Farmer (Bal Harbour, FL) – $603