Event 3: Steven Richardson Triples Up With Quads

$350 Black Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em
Level 18: 2,500/5,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 6 of 93
Average Stack: 155,000 (31 bb)

Matt Yorra raised to 13,000 from under the gun, Steven Richardson three-bet shoved from the hijack for 22,000, John Rembert called from the cutoff, and Yorra called.

Yorra and Rembert proceeded to check down the Kh9d5c9cJs board.

“Going to be pretty tough to beat this one, boys,” said Richardson, as he tabled 9h9s for quad nines. His opponents mucked and Richardson tripled up.

Steven Richardson – 76,500 (15 bb)
John Rembert – 350,000 (70 bb)
Matt Yorra – 85,000 (17 bb)