Event 31: Jason Papastavrou Doubles Thru John Holley; Holley Down to 1.5 Bets

$1,100 Eight-Game Mix (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18:  10,000/20,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  7 of 90

Yuval Bronshtein and John Holley both have eight trophies here at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood, and if either of them wins their ninth today, they will tie Raminder Singh and Michael Newman for the career lead.

Holley will have a much tougher path than Bronshtein today, starting as the short stack with less than four big bets.

Holley started off on the right foot, winning a nice pot against Jon Breneman during Limit Hold’em on a board of Qh6h4h10cJh. Holley bet the flop and then check-called the turn, and both players checked the river. Holley showed Ks8h to win the pot with an eight-high flush, and Breneman mucked.

John Holley  –  130,000  (7 BB)
Jon Breneman  –  355,000  (18 BB)

A little while later, Holley played hand of Stud Hi-Lo to showdown against chipleader Brian Yoon.

Brian Yoon:  (Qd8s4c)  8c7h5h9c
John Holley:  (9d6d2h)  5d6hAhQs

Neither player made a qualifying low, and Yoon won the pot with a pair of eights over Holley’s pair of sixes.

Brian Yoon  –  560,000  (28 BB)
John Holley  –  90,000  (5 BB)

The next hand (still Stud Hi-Lo), Jason Papastavrou (who was also a short stack) had the bring-in with the 4h and made it 10,000 to go, getting four callers. On 4th street, everyone checked to Papastavrou, who bet another 10,000, and all four players called.

On 5th street, everyone checked to Papastavrou, who bet 20,000. Holley check-raised to 40,000, and the other three players folded. Papastavrou called all in for 37,000.

John Holley:  (Qd2h)  As7sAh5c  (3d)
Jason Papastavrou:  (3s2s)  4h6s5d7c  (2d)

Holley made a pair of aces for the high, and a 7-5 for the low, but Papastavrou made a six-high straight to scoop the pot and more than double up in chips.

Jason Papastavrou  –  215,000  (11 BB)
John Holley  –  29,000  (1.5 BB)

With seven players remaining, the average chip stack is around 257,000 (13 Big Bets). The remaining players are guaranteed at least $3,030 each.