Event 31: Sam Panzica Wins! ($23,185); Jean “Prince” Gaspard Finishes as Runner-Up ($15,455)

$1,100 H.O.R.S.E. Championship (Freeze-Out)
Structure | Payouts
Level 25:  40,000/80,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  1 of 78

Sam Panzica
SHRPO H.O.R.S.E. Champion Sam Panzica

Jean Gaspard kept his chip stack relatively steady during the Stud Hi/Lo round, but then Hold’em began, and it wasn’t kind to Gaspard. These were the chip counts at the start of the Hold’em round:

Sam Panzica  –  1,165,000  (15 BB)
Jean Gaspard  –  395,000  (5 BB)

In the first hand of Hold’em, Sam Panzica raised from the button to 80,000, Gaspard reraised to 120,000, and Panzica called.

The flop came 9s6h2d, Gaspard bet 40,000, Panzica raised to 80,000, and Gaspard called.

The turn card was the Qd, Gaspard checked, Panzica bet 80,000, and Gaspard thought for a while before he folded. Panzica showed AcJc for ace high as he took the pot.

Sam Panzica  –  1,365,000  (17 BB)
Jean Gaspard  –  195,000  (2 BB)

The next hand, Gaspard raised to 80,000, Panzica reraised to 120,000, and Gaspard said, “I’ll just get it all in.” Panzica agreed.

Gaspard was all in for 195,000 with Ac6s, but he was dominated by Panzica’s AsJc.

The board came QcJs7h8c9c, and Panzica won the pot — and the SHRPO H.O.R.S.E. Championship — with a pair of jacks.

Congratulations to Sam Panzica!

1st:  Sam Panzica  –  $23,185 + SHRPO Trophy
2nd:  Jean “Prince” Gaspard  –  $15,455
3rd:  Chris Tryba  –  $10,305
4th:  Aaron Kupin  –  $7,160
5th:  Mark Gallo  –  $5,200
6th:  Barak Zaken  –  $3,945
7th:  John Fahmy  –  $3,140
8th:  Esther Taylor  –  $2,630
9th:  “Miami” John Cernuto  –  $2,320

Jean Gaspard
Runner-Up Jean “Prince” Gaspard