Event 36: Salomon Sutton Eliminated by David Jackson

$1,100 Triple Stack No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Prize Pool:  $798,310 | Structure | Payouts
Level 27:  30,000/60,000 with a 60,000 ante
Players Remaining:  12 of 823

Salomon Sutton

There was 800,000 in the pot, with the board reading 6h4s3c10c2c when Salomon Sutton got all in for 1.46 million. David Jackson tanked for a minute before tossing in the chips for a call.

Sutton held K-9, but that put him behind the A-5 held by Jackson for a straight. Sutton was out in 13th place for a payout of $9,200. Jackson stacked up over 5 million after the hand.

David Jackson – 5,300,000 (88 bb)
Salomon Sutton – Eliminated in 13th Place ($9,200)