Event 4: Don’t Bluff The Big Stack

$260 +$40 No Limit Hold’em

Blinds 1.2/2.4K Ante 400

A shortish stack raised from under the gun and was called by the tournament chip leader who was in the big blind. The flop came A-5-4 and our big stack checked. The short stack made a bet of 8K and was called. The turn was another 5 and again it went check-bet-call, this time for 13K, leaving the short stack with just under 10K. The river was a 3 and it went check-check. The big stack showed K-4 off suit and the short stack threw his cards in disgust so forcefully that they ended up landing on the floor to the left of the dealer. A friend came up to him to give advice to him and he responded “It’s not my fault he calls with King Four off.”

We’re still at 11 players as they are on a 10 minute break where they are coloring up the black 100 chips.