Event 40: Chance Kornuth Defeats Michael Rocco

$10,000 Heads-Up NLH (32 Max)
Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining:  6 of 28
Blinds:  500/1,000

Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth raised to 2,100 from the button, Michael Rocco three-bet to 7,400 from the big blind, and Kornuth called.

The flop was 7h2h2s, Rocco continued for 10,000, and Kornuth called.

The turn was the Td, Rocco went all in for 50,100, and Kornuth called after about five seconds with Tc7c for tens and sevens, leading Rocco’s Js7s for sevens and deuces.

The river was the 5c, safe for Kornuth to win and lock up the min-cash of $33,560.

Kornuth will face Landon Tice in the Final Four tomorrow.