Event 5: Breaking Again

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 21: 6k/12k/2k ante

Once the bubble burst, players began hitting the payout desk at a steady pace. The short-stacks who limped into the money were trying to double up while the bigger stacks were growing. TJ Shulman has more than doubled his starting Day 2 stack and now sits in front of a 1.3 million chip castle.

Starting chipleader Dinh Nguyen has been camped in the same seat since the start and his stack has fluctuated all day. He was short at one point before doubling when he turned a flush with KcQc.

Just 69 players remain as players return from their second break of the day.

TJ Shulman – 1,324,000
Denian Costa – 1,053,000
Michael Merisier – 1,000,000
Stuart Paterson – 751,000
Dinh Nguyen – 749,000