Event 5: Darin Utley – 8th Place ($1,620)

$400 Big O (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 18:  5,000/10,000
Players Remaining:  7 of 161

Long Nguyen raised from the cutoff, Darin Utley three-bet all in for about 50,000 from the small blind and Nguyen called.

Nguyen:  Ah7c7s2s2h
Utley:  As9d9h7h5d

The flop came Qh10d3h, keeping Nguyen well out in front. The turn was the 9s, however, giving Utley a set of nines to take the lead.

The river delivered the 4h, though, giving Nguyen the nut flush to eliminate Utley in eighth place.

Long Nguyen  –  145,000  (15 bb)
Darin Utley  –  Eliminated in 8th Place  ($1,620)