Event 5: Final Ten

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 28: 30k/60k/10k ante

Alan Goodman took care of Ory Hen along with getting the tournament down to one table. Goodman held the dominating ThTc against Hen’s 9x9x and the board ran out 6d5h2h6d5d to sent Hen out in 11th.

The last ten players are redrew for their last seats of the event.

Seat 1: Dinh Nguyen
Seat 2: Alex Bergfors
Seat 3: Stuart Paterson
Seat 4: TJ Shulman
Seat 5: Marshall White
Seat 6: Gaston Miculitzki
Seat 7: Cesar Fuentes
Seat 8: Denian Costa
Seat 9: Alan Goodman
Seat 10: Andres Morales