Event 5: Joe Knows Quads at Seminole Hard Rock

$150 No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 400/800/100 ante
106 players remaining, 30k avg (38 bb)

Joe Pozos
Joe Pozos

“Make sure you put that in the newspaper,” says Willie Wiggins (Miramar, FL) who is part of a three-way all in just before the last break.

On a board of Ac2c5s8d Wiggins is facing two all ins, one for 45k, the other for 65k which is most of his stack.

“I couldn’t get away from it,” says Wiggins while retelling the hand, “so I called.”

Wiggins: 8c5c (two pairs, flush draw)
Joe Pozos: 2d2h (set)
Opponent: 4x3x (flopped wheel)

River 2s

Pozos hits quads to scoop the pot, get the knockout and take the chip lead with 194k. Wiggins is left with only 12k, but has since rallied by winning five hands in a row and is up to 90k.

Chip Leaders

Joe Pozos (Lewis, DE) 194k
Clinton Dunn (Orlando, FL) 101k
Stuart Breakstone (Memphis, TN) 87k
Max Jones (Davie, FL) 84k
Andrew Klivan (New York, NY) 81k

Willie Wiggins
Willie Wiggins