Event 5: Money No Matter

$200 + $40 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo

Blinds: 50/100

Table 39 is easily the most active and definitely has the most chips in play. The first knockout happened when the 1-seat moved in with top pair nut flush draw holding Ah 9h on the As 4h 2h flop against top pair top kicker Ac Ks. The flush draw didn’t get there and the busted player said “Money no matter, I can buy-in as many times as I like.”

Two hands later and the 5-seat was all-in with Js Jc against Kd Td and was outflopped on the Kc 6d 5h board. He also didn’t seem to care much and was back in line to re-enter.

Both players have a chance to get their stack back as both drew the same table, different seats to create an early table with a lot of chips in play.

Levels are flying and 47 entrants currently show on the board with still two and a half hours to register/re-enter.