Event 5: Peter Striano Crowned Victor

$200 + $40 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo

With such massive blinds and short stacks, the five remaining players made a deal with chipleader Peter Striano offering to chop the remaining prizepool equally for each. He would get the win, the trophy, and the Leaderboard points and the table quickly agreed to the deal giving each player $3,360.

Event 5 Winner, Peter Striano
Event 5 Winner, Peter Striano
1stPeter Striano$3,360
2ndCasey Cohen$3,360
3rdEric Piderit$3,360
4thAndrew Frier$3,360
5thBill Erwin$3,360
6thOniel McCallo$1,100
7thNigel Murray$900
8thAriel Rosello$700
9thLuke Doolittle$500