Event 5: Third Time a Charm

$200 + $40 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Turbo

Blinds: 200/400/50 ante

The 1-seat at Table 41 shoved 5,200 from the button and the small blind woke up with Ad Ac before the small blind open-folded Ks 8d. “Don’t show me that!” the 1-seat exclaimed as he rolled over 8c 8s, “there goes one of my outs.”

The board ran clean for the Aces and the 1-seat stood and said “Third time’s a charm. See you later.” He re-entered and drew the 7-seat at the same table.

Table 40 must have felt left out of the big three-way action as they had another big multi-way pot after Ts 9c 7s flop. The 7-seat was holding Ks Js for the flush draw while the 2-seat and 6-seat were both holding bottom two with 9h 7h and 9c 7c. The 6-seat was the player who earlier hit the gutshot wheel draw and did it again with the running 5c turn then Jc river.

“I was the one on the flush draw,” was the only comment from the 7-seat as he packed up his belongings.

The field is building up with 67 now entered as the go into Level 8.