Event 6: 22 remain

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

Blinds 1K/2K Ante 300

There were two women left in the tournament, seated next to one another. The bigger stack of the two, Regette Duvdivani, raised first to act to 5.5K.  The woman to her immediate left, Jody Davis, moved all in for approximately 20K more. Regette counted out the calling chips and looked at how much she would have left… approximately 30K. She grabbed the stack of calling chips and placed them into the center of the table, and turned over pocket 4’s. Jody didn’t seem to realize that she needed to turn over her cards and the dealer had to instruct her to do so. She held A-J. The flop was a beautiful one for Davis as it contained two aces giving her trips. Much to her chagrin, however, was the third card that was revealed. A 4, giving Duvdivani a full house. The turn was a 5 and the river was a 3 and Regette clapped her hands, and then quickly apologized to Jody who quickly headed off to collect her 23rd place payout. Unfortunately for Regette, she would soon be joining Davis as she busted moments later.

21 remain with 15 minutes left in Level 13.