Event 6: Albert Palma and Philllip Tyson eliminated in 11th/12th

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

Blinds 3k/6k/1k ante

The short-stacked table finally had its moment. Albert Palma doubled up Ron Blankenship leaving him with just a single 1k chip. He hit a flush with his first all-in but pushed his 6k in under the gun with Qc5c and was called by Phillip Tyson and Homer Molina in the blinds.

Tyson shoved all in on the 8d6h3h flop with two pair 8s3d against Molina top pair Ts8h and Palma was stuck with Qc5c. The Tc improved Wallace and the 5s river gave him the double elimination of Palma and Tyson.

The clock was paused to form the unofficial final table.