Event 6: Harry Eisenberg Eliminated in 8th Place ($563)

$250 Limit Omaha 8/B
Level 17 – Blinds: 2,000/4,000 Limits: 4,000-8,000

Harry Eisenberg $563
Harry Eisenberg

Max Jones calls from the hijack, Jordan Chizick calls from the button, and Harry Eisenberg raises all in from the small blind. Joey Prosper calls from the big blind, both Jones and Chizick call, and the flop falls Ac4d3c.

Prosper leads out, Jones ducks out of the way, and Chizick calls to see the 2h turn. It’s more of the same as Prosper bets, Chizick calls, and the Jh river completes the board. Prosper fires a third bet, Chizick calls, and Prosper tables AsQc5s3h for a wheel (five-high straight).

Chizick mucks, while Eisenberg shows AdQsJs7s for a beaten two pair (aces and jacks), ending his tournament in eighth place.