Event 6: Joseph Bartholid Pressing

$1,700 Deepest Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$300,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 25:  20,000/40,000 with a 40,000 ante
Players Remaining:  9 of 418

Joseph Bartholdi

Joseph Barthohdi began the final table with the chip lead and he’s been the most active by far. Early in the day, he opened to 100,000 from under the gun and picked up calls from H Michael Borovetz, Adam Wells, and Mike Chiappetta. The flop came Kd8c6h, Chiappetta checked from the big blind, Bartholdi bet 150,000 and only Borovetz came along.

Both checked the Ah turn, the river was 3s and Bartholdi bet 325,000. Borovetz thought for a moment, called the bet, then mucked when Bartholdi showed AdKs for top two.

Later, he opened to 100,000 from middle position and Casey Crews called in the big blind to see the KsKh8c flop. Crews checked, Bartholdi bet 80,000 and Crews check/raised to 180,000. Bartholdi three-bet to 475,000 and Crews let his hand go.

All told, Bartholdi added more than 1,000,000 to his stack in the first 30 minutes of the final table.

Joseph Bartholdi – 5,400,000 (135 bb)