Event 6: Kessler Out, Down to 10

$300 Seniors (50+) No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 14: Blinds 1,200/2,400/400 ante

Jeff Kessler’s frustration trying to get through the chip wall of George Miro got the best of him.

Pre-flop, Bruce MacGregor raised to 3,200 and Kessler followed with a re-raise to 10k. Miro then went over the top to 20k. MacGregor folded and Kessler called.

On a flop of 7d6c8d, Kessler immediately went all-in and Miro snapcalled.

Miro: QhQs
Kessler: KsQd

Kessler got no help with an 8s on the turn and the 4s ended Kessler’s night in 11th.

After the elimination, the re-draw took place and here are the seat assignments for the final table with George Miro leading the way and Hyou Chun making his second final table of this series.

1 – Daniel Genachte
2 – Bruce MacGregor
3 – Eddylee Martin
4 – Lisa Levy
5 – David Smith
6 – Lawrence Bass
7 – Hyou Chun
8 – Gary Chapin
9 – Paul Balzano
10 – George Miro