Event 6: Nuts No Good?

$560 Black Chip Bount No Limit Hold’em / PLO (Re-Entry)
Level 5: 100/200

Bradley Young was the beneficiary of a timely river on the last hand at Table 57 while the rest of the field was on break. He was all-in against the 1-seat and Dimas Martinez after Martinez flopped the nut straight in PLO. Young was on a heart draw and missed the turn before hitting the river. He knocked one out for a bounty and moved up to 30,925 going off to a shortened break.

“I flopped the nuts,” Martinez told the room, “How did I lose?”

“That’s a silly question in PLO,” TJ Shulman laughed.

Top five break-time chip counts:

Michael Wang – 52,950
Wade Walker – 42,600
Kevin Ho – 35,875
Bradley Young – 30,925
Robert Campbell – 28,975