Event 6: Stout Gets Cracked

$560 Black Chip Bount No Limit Hold’em / PLO (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 400/800

Event 6 wasted no time getting down to the money bubble, PLO has the effect on players.

Matt Stout made his first appearance at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open last night with the intention of playing this event, then ended up finishing with a top stack in Event 5. He was a late reg today but sent the tournament to the money bubble courtesy of Robert Campbell.

In PLO, Stout opened for a pot-sized bet of and Campbell followed up with a small raise. Action folded around to Stout and he quickly moved all-in with AsAdKd3c and Campbell called with AhJhKs9s.

Stout was looking good for the double up until Campbell nailed the Qh3h2h flop leaving Stout looking for running miracle cards. The 4d wasn’t a card he needed and Stout was drawing dead to go out in 11th spot.

There was a redraw at the unofficial final table where nine would make the money and one would be unhappy.