Event 7: Daniel Li Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,710)

$360 Pot Limit Omaha/8 (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 3,000/6,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 76

Daniel Li opened to 12,000 under the gun, and he was called by both Brad Ruben (button) and Lewis Gallo Jr. (big blind) to create three-way action.

The flop was JsTs2h. It checked to Li, who continued for 25,000, and both opponents called. The turn was the 4d, and it checked to Li again. He potted for 114,000, Ruben raised all in for 168,000 total, and Gallo folded out of the way. Li called to put Ruben at risk, having his opponent just barely covered.

Li: AcAd7s9s (pair of aces, combo draw)
Ruben: AhKcJcJd (set of jacks)

“Oh, I have outs,” Li realized with some hope in his voice. “Lots of outs.”

The river was the 2d, though, and Ruben doubled up with jacks full. When the stacks were counted down and Li paid off his debt, he was left with just 2,000 chips, and he was eliminated one hand later from the big blind.

Ruben now has a significant chip lead with four players remaining, holding nearly 60 percent of the total chips in play.

Brad Ruben – 450,000
Daniel Li – Eliminated in 5th place ($1,710)