Event 8: My Nothing’s As Good As Your Nothing

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 9: 400/800/100 Ante

An interesting duel took place between Jose Aliva (Miami, FL) and Francis Margaglione (Davie, FL).

Five players limped in and got a 5c4s7h.  After a 2200 chip bet from Margaglione and a call from Avila, the 9c came on the turn.  This time Avila fired out and after some thought, Margaglione made the call.  With the 6c on the river, Aliva bet 15,200 and was insta-called by Margaglione saying “Straight” and shows As8h.  Avila quickly turned over 9d8s for the chop.

A frustrated Avila hit the table and complained Margaglione had called his bet on the turn with nothing and Margaglione then came back with telling Avila he stayed in with nothing on his bet after the flop.

Either way, both their nothings turned into something and the players would have be satisfied with sharing the hotly contested pot.