Event 8: Six Ball in the Corner Pocket

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 4: 100/200

Jose Alfaro got a big early double up in Event 9 thanks to a fortunate river card.

With three players in a pot already up to 9,000 and a board of Ah2s6h the turn brought the Qc and Alfaro’s opponent in the 3 seat fired a bet of 5200.  Alfaro called and the third player folded.

A 6d on the river brought a check from Seat 3 leading Alfaro to push all-in for his last 14,000.   His opponent called turning over AdQd for two pair but Alfaro held As6s for the full house on the river giving Alfaro the 48,000 chip pot.