Event 8: Straight, flushed down the river

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Day 1F Level 10: 500/1000/ 100 ante

On a board of 8s7c2c5s we see David S. (West Palm Beach, FL) go all-in in position. Ben Cross (Hollywood, FL) then thinks it over for a few moments before making the call. With this call, Cross is all-in for his last 74K and at risk for his tournament life. The cards are tabled:

Cross: Ac6c
David S: 6d9c

David S. is in a commanding position with a turned 9-high straight, but needs to fade a club on the river. No such luck as fifth street brings the Kc to complete Cross’ nut flush draw. Cross doubles up to around 160K, and David S. takes a major hit.