Event 9: Levy Survives to Double

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 5k/10k/1k Ante

Lisa Levy was sitting with less than 10 big blinds and found a great spot to get them in.

Stanley Rosenthal opened from middle position to 30,000 and it folded to Levy. She instantly moved all-in for 85,000 total and no one came along until Rosenthal begrudgingly called.

“You’ve got me beat,” Rosenthal said as he tossed in the calling chips.

He was right when Levy tabled KhKs against Rosenthal’s KdQs. The table was laughing and then got animated when Rosenthal picked up a gutshot draw on the JhJc9h flop. His draw was short-lived courtesy of the Qh changing a Ten-ball from a win card and a chop card.

Levy dodged the two remaining Queens on the 5c river and she double over 200,000.