Event 9: Two Down

$300 + $50 Pot Limit Omaha Double Stack

Blinds: 300/600

The field quickly dropped two more players from Event 9 when Luis Santino was sent out on Table 41 after having a bad day on the river while Table 40 lost the 7-seat with a big draw.

He moved all-in first to act after the 9s7c5d flop and the 9-seat came along for the ride. The button player than opted to move over the top all-in as well and the 9-seat let it go after long consideration. “You have it, don’t you?” he asked the 6-seat before he rolled over Jc9c8d6h for the flopped straight while the 8-seat showed AsAhJsTh.

The Ks turn provided some drama and extra outs but the 6-seat faded them all on the 6d river.

Those two eliminations left the field size at 16 with two dead stacks.

Man down
Man down