Event 9: Uri Kadosh – 6th Place ($6,210)

$570 Six-Max NLH (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guaranteed | StructurePayouts
Level 21: 8,000/16,000 with a 16,000 ante
Players Remaining: 5 of 338

Uri Kadosh
Uri Kadosh

Uri Kadosh raised from the hijack to 40,000, Brian Hastings reraised from the button to 110,000, and Kadosh called.

Both players checked to the turn on a board of AsJd4sQc, Hastings bet 90,000, and Kadosh thought for a bit before moving all in for about 350,000.

Hastings quickly called with QhQd for a set of queens, and Kadosh turned over Ad9c for a pair of aces. Kadosh was drawing dead.

The meaningless river card paired the board with the Jd to give Hastings an unnecessary full house as he eliminated Kadosh in sixth place.

Brian Hastings  –  1,235,000  (77 bb)
Uri Kadosh  –  Eliminated in 6th Place  ($6,210)

A few hands later, after a flop of Kd6h3c, David Prociak checked the big blind, Barry Weprin moved all in under the gun for 232,000, and Prociak thought for a bit before he called with 5h5d. Weprin turned over AhAd, and needed his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card was the 9c, the river card was the Jd, and Weprin won the pot with his pocket aces to double up in chips.

Barry Weprin  –  540,000  (34 bb)
David Prociak  –  1,410,000  (88 bb)