Event 9: Webster Has The Answer

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 10: 500/1000/100 Ante

A wild hand ensued in the Seniors Event with some incredible four-way action.

Seat 5 raises to 2,200 and is called in Seat 8 by Gary Webster and Seat 9 by Barry Simon. Then Lucy Carbrere pushes her last 11,000 into the middle.  Seat 5 folds and Webster then ships his 13,000 chip stack in as well.  Simon, who has both players covered, makes the call on both players. The cards are turned over and off they went.

Cabrere AdTd
Webster QhQd
Simon AsKh

The flop is friendly to Simon as it rolls off 5h8dKc leaving him in the lead, Cabrere in trouble and Webster stunned.  But the Qs comes on the turn giving Webster the lead and a few extra outs to Cabrere.

But there was no help on the river with a harmless 3c sending Cabrere to the rail and Simon shaking his head.

So the wild action continues in Event 9 as we close in on 40 players remaining.