Event 9: And I Will Strike Down Upon Thee With Great Vengeance….

$570 Deeper Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 8:  Blinds 300/600/75 ante

As we close in the break, a few chips stacks are starting emerge out of the pack.  David Hixson, Daniel Vranich, Charles Chan, Manny Julve all are making strides toward advancing to Day 2.

The most interesting one is Robert Midgette who appears to be the flight’s current chip leaded despite being slightly distracted.  Headphones and iPad on the rail, the dealer at one point had to work pretty hard to get Midgette’s attention.

The reason?  He was engrossed in watching the cult classic movie “Pulp Fiction”.

Vincent and Jules would be incredibly proud.  Someone get that man a Royale with cheese, please.