Main Event Day 1B: Last Chance

$1,500 + $150 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Poker Open” Main Event

Blinds: 100/200/25 ante

“I knew you had nothing!” screamed the 2-seat at Table 39. “But you went and hit the river,” as his wrath turned towards the 7-seat. We were given the heads up about the 8-seat before the day began, he’ll play any two cards in any situation. Tough to nail down, he had the early wrath but it was the 7-seat who flipped up KcJc on the AcKs2d6cTc board.

The rest of the table was off on break when the hand went down and the 2-seat angrily called and slammed As2s on the table into the muck as his flopped Aces up went down in flames.

Matt Waxman was one of the recent entries into the tournament, the local pro has both a WSOP and WPT title on his plus more than $2,500,000 in career tournament earnings. He joins the 238 currently showing on the board with one full level plus the break to register.

Matthew Waxman
Matt Waxman